Wow hooray, OPEN BOOKS!!!!! Thank you so much for your interest in my work, it truly means the world. I am booking NOVEMBER & DECEMBER in Chicago. A few things to note:

While I am open to custom work, this round I will be prioritizing appointments for flash drawings chosen day-of from my flash book (a physical book at the studio that contains drawings for tattoo).

Filling out this form **does not guarantee an appointment** – if your inquiry is a piece I take on this booking round, you will receive an email response from me with instructions on how to send a deposit to confirm your appointment spot. Due to volume of requests, I am only able to respond to inquiries I am able to accommodate. I'm sorry if I'm unable to fit you in this round. Please allow up to one week to receive a response.

Please fill out this form carefully. My books are *not* first come first serve, so please take your time and be as specific as you can with your request.

All of the tattoos I do are my own drawings; I rarely replicate the work of another contemporary artist unless it's reinterpreted in my drawing style and there is consent given from the artist directly. 


Thank you so *so* much for your patience, support, and encouragement. I look forward to hearing from you all :~) <3

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If you're interested in a custom piece, please provide detailed information about what you'd like as a tattoo. I prioritize drawings from my flash as well as custom pieces that align well with my existing body of work. Anything you see on instagram is usually fair game for inspiration!
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Please check all that apply :~)