Once a month, I hold a Donation Day. On this day, 100% of the proceeds from each appointment are donated to a selected non-profit. In an effort to make greater monetary impact in the year of 2018, I'm selecting quarterly organizations to donate to. This means that four different organizations throughout the year will be the recipient of my Donation Day for three months each.

I typically offer pre-drawn flash for these appointments. In addition to aiding a non-profit, I use these days as a way to employ my greatest sliding scale for clients. Each tattoo is priced at a flat rate of $100 and is first come, first serve. I hope this gives clients the opportunity to commit to larger pieces at a lower price.

Flash imagery for each Donation Day will be posted in advance on my instagram. There will not be any announcement made prior to the post. Generally speaking, I take two appointments per Donation Day.

To book a Donation Day appointment with me, once a date and flash imagery have been announced, please email I will respond to each inquiry in the order it's received.

Current recipient:

April–june 2018